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We put out a great April Fool on Saturday in collaboration with The Student Housing Company.  Estates Gazette and Design Exchange ran with our spoof story on an app that allows a student to predict when their parents will pitch up at the University for a surprise visit.

Pelican Media launches new app for students living at The Student Housing Company’s residences to avoid ‘The Parent Trap’

Pelican Media has created a new app for students living at The Student Housing Company’s residences to prepare them for unexpected visits from the family.

‘The Parent Trap’ was produced after a survey* revealed that 72 per cent of students living at the residences in the UK found the surprise visits ‘embarrassing’ while a further 44 per cent admitted ‘hiding’ after their family turned up unannounced. The relative that residents were most likely to dread a visit from was their grandmother (68 per cent) while fathers were a close second (59 per cent) due to their impromptu ‘dad dancing’ and ‘dad jokes’.

The technology also provides an option for students to send automatic messages to their family through a ‘cash call’ button when they need much-needed funds.

Developer of the app and managing director of Pelican Media, Tony Nicol, comments: “We’re already in the process of developing future upgrades such as an assignment writing tool, so students can dictate part of an essay, and the app will automatically transcribe the work with correct spelling, grammar and referencing. This upgrade will enable students to focus on what’s important instead.”

Students will be able to download The Parent Trap at the beginning of April. All they need to do to get it started, is input some information about themselves and their family when prompted, and the technology will compare algorithms from other students to alert the student of likely dates of unexpected visits.

Sarah Linton-Walls, head of sales and marketing at The Student Housing Company, says: “The Parent Trap is going to be a huge hit with students living at our residences; it’s incredibly easy to use, and no doubt a saviour for students wanting to maintain their independence in front of their friends!”

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