Your world in first-person – courtesy of Snapchat

Are you a camera addict? Snapchat have just released their long-awaited Snap Spectacles. Stylish and functional, this new gadget is great news for hands-free snapping.

For those of us who love sharing our lives with friends and family, the Snap Spectacles are a dream. Rather than have your phone out and poised to capture your latest memory, this new invention by Snapchat will capture ten second clips of your life for you, all from the comfort of your face. Think skateboarding, cycling and running – what better way to share your experiences than in first-person?

These specs are geared for fun and games and whilst the stylish frames and hands-free capabilities are an incentive for any snap-fanatic, the built-in lights (to tell the world when you’re recording a snap) and urban charging case really seal the deal.

Although the specs are a pricey novelty at $129.99, by wirelessly transferring your snaps to your phone, they certainly minimise the likelihood of smashed phone screens and storing your phone in your pocket instead is certainly a security bonus.

What does this mean for industry? For one, it’s another step to normalising tech wearables. With developed battery life and higher quality video, it brings the concept of streaming property viewings and demonstrations via headset ever-closer. It’s great to see consumer technology like this emerging and we’re looking forward to seeing where it goes next!

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