Architectural Photography Inspires CGIs

Architectural visualisation

At Pelican we are continually inspired by architectural photography. For us, its principles form the basis of much of what we do, and its execution stimulates our creativity.

“We encourage our staff to read up on and develop an understanding of the history of architectural photography; this knowledge enables them to understand the requirements of each image we create. Finished products are enhanced by thorough research and a detailed understanding of compositions, much of which comes from architectural photography” says Pelican Director, Tony.

The architectural photography of pioneer Julius Shulman has been particularly inspiring for him, “Shulman proves how taking the right approach and angle can make or break an image. A slight angle change can make a building appear totally differently. Detail shots can draw and lead the eye, enhancing particular features of a product. Thinking about these elements are the fundamentals of what we do at Pelican. Just as with a photograph, a great CGI gives you the chance to stop and take in a building in its intimate details.“

“In the photography of architecture is the potential for that moment of silence when everything disappears and we enter another world… where a sentimental relationship is established with the image, “framed like a caged bird,” and where places become “inhabitable rather than visible.””

Diana Agrest, A Constructed View

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