Pelican Media Ltd.

off plan property sales and marketing
over 0 CGI’s completed
over 0 property sales aided
by our software
and print
over 0 developments branded
and delivered
we are experts in off plan property sales

with pride and passion we create and deliver the means for the customer to experience their new property off plan.

producing creative imagery, software, virtual reality and award winning marketing collateral to make life smoother, simpler, and smarter.

we are always developing and researching ways to make new property sales easier.

providing our ambitious and forward thinking clients with game changing tools and content.

we love what we do and we deliver

we have gained a reputation for excellence providing solutions for our clients since 1994.

we are artists, we are innovators, and we know what is required. we listen, we help and we are here for you.

our diligent account managers, developers and visualisation team generate results to help you sell.

we thrive on setting new standards and raising the bar, just imagine what we could do for you...

Pelican Media Ltd, Stable 7, Stable Road, Colchester, Essex CO2 7GL